As with any of the services that we provide, anyone can do them. Here is a general guide to washing concrete. If you would like Woodlawn to handle it for you, then we certainly will do so! Click here to schedule an appointment. If not, then we want to provide a starting point for you. Happy washing! 

Step 1 Blow Off Your Surface. Remove rocks, leaves and anything else that is on the area that you will be washing. This type of debris can come loose and damage a range of things from windows to doors including your equipment or even people.

Step 2  Wet the surface with a light spray. You can even use a garden hose for this step.

Step 3 (Optional)  Due to the nature of weather and windy conditions in Oklahoma, we opt for this option. Orange  clay dirt seem to stain all concrete surfaces. In order to have the best chance at getting this up spray detergent mixture on surface to be cleaned. In this case we used the concrete and driveway mix of Krud Kutter which can be purchased at most local supply stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. This mix is an environmental friendly, pet, people & plant safe cleaner. Read directions before application.

Let application soak into surface and lightly wet for up to 10 minutes. Do not let dry before next step.

Step 4  Use power washing surface cleaner combined with pressure washer on surface. Move at an even pace across all accessible areas in a consistent back and forth manner. A second pass may be necessary depending on the circumstance. If there are spots that you cannot get with the surface cleaner you  may need to use the pressure washing wand & nozzle to clean that areas.

Step 5  Spray the whole surface clean with garden hose or light power wash.

*Use these steps as general direction and at your own discretion. Woodlawn is not responsible for damages when you complete this yourself.