It is currently day 24 of the new year. We are ready to conquer any challenge 2019 can throw at us. One of those challenges seems to always be cleaning. You know, the spare bedroom or the garage. One or both of these can easily become a catchall. Either way, the house needs to be cleaned. Old recliners need to be dropped at Goodwill, windows need to be washed, decorations need to be rearranged, leaves need to be bagged etc.

The challenge is completing the many tasks that it takes to turn your home around or simply keep it respectable for the next dinner we host. I have tried but to no avail in completing everything in a 1 or 2 month period. Successful deep cleaning requires preplanning, effort, money, materials & time.

My hope is that you conquer what you set out to accomplish. First devise a list of about 10-12 major things you want to complete. Second, assign a month to each task. The calendar is simply a reminder with a time stamp. You might be different than me but I find if I choose a smaller amount of tasks and pair them with a time frame to complete then I am far more successful than if I make a list of 50 with no deadline.

Below is an example of some of the things on my major cleaning calendar. This not only helps me complete the tasks but it also helps me budget over time for the things that I cannot complete myself. If I don’t do this I end up nixing plans because of poor planning of time and/ or finances ultimately neglecting my property. As always, neglecting or decreasing frequency doesn’t reduce the final cost of time or money.

Cleanup holiday decorations.
Declutter garage.
Deep Clean Bedrooms
Wash Exterior surfaces of home.
Power Wash patios.
Clean windows
Deliver unused items to Goodwill.
Rearrange decorations for fresh feel.
Cleanup flower beds.
Deep clean kitchen.
Clean out clothing drawers and closets.
Clean carpets.

Your list will look different, however I hope you this helps you make a plan for this year. I hope your spaces are more functional and serve you better after executing your plan.