Your investment in your landscape should last a long time and produce the results you desire. As with any landscape minimal maintenance unfortunately doesn’t mean no maintenance. I have selected 4 very popular shrubs for Oklahomans below and highlighted a few care tips to make the best of those plants.


Abelia is a wonderful evergreen shrub that can be used for accents, borders, hedges & raised beds. This is a hardy plant with little maintenance. Full to part sun and needs medium amounts of water but can withstand harsh summers in Oklahoma. The abelia should maintain a natural form but can hold some shape. The best time to prune the abelia is early spring however you can prune in winter as well. If the abelia has dead wood throughout those can be trimmed back to the base.


Like the abelias, nandinas are very hardy. Best used as accents, patterns in formal beds. Different varieties can brings coloring to your front entryway and provide a softening effect as opposed to hardy greens in holly’s or boxwoods. Nandinas can get out of control if not maintained for several years but occasional pruning is helpful in maintaining a natural look. In all cases shoots should be pruned back to the base. Lengthy stems can be pruned back as well back to the base. Avoid shearing as this can tear and eliminate its natural appearance. Pruning should be completed in late winter.


Boxwoods are one of the most common choices of evergreen hedges. They can take many forms of balls, squares and are very hardy. Boxwoods require medium amount of water and can withstand full or partial sunlight. In order to protect the roots of a younger boxwood consider using mulch to retain water and provide protection from the winter elements. Boxwoods can be sheared anytime of the year except within 2 months of frost. Deadwood can be taken off at anytime.

Indian Hawthorne

Hawthornes are flowering shrubs so it is a good idea to pay attention to its life cycle when caring for them. If there is heavy rain for several days see to it that you don’t add more water. Hawthornes require a moist base but not a heavy soaking. A medium amount of water will due every 10-12 days. Indian Hawthornes bloom in the spring and possibly a less impressive bloom in the fall. It is best to prune right after the flowers bloom and then begin to fade. Once new buds start to form avoid pruning as this will eliminate its ability to bloom the next season.

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