As a mowing service for both residential and commercial customers in Yukon, OK we get requests for both mulching and bagging services. Our turf mowers can accommodate both requests however we mulch clippings for 99% of our customers. During the cleanup season(s) we certainly bag for reasons not discussed in this post but for the growing season we mulch clippings.

If you are looking for a well groomed lawn, then mow weekly March-October. The mowing schedule can be seen in the blog titled “Mowing Frequency”.

If you mow biweekly, you might consider increasing the height of the cut during the heaviest of growth. It is not ideal for this situation but every homeowner is different and has a different goal/ financial situation/ perspective. Please note that mowing less frequently doesn’t always mean less costly over the course of the year.

Why do we mulch clippings? Yes, a lawn initially looks cleaner but the cost does not outweigh the benefit. Simply put, when you mulch clippings you are returning nutrients that were cut away back to the lawn and it also reduces waste. The cost of nutrients is high enough (consider your feed program time and cost) in addition to that waste fees in Oklahoma are very high. Coupled together it simply doesn’t outweigh the benefit.

Mulch Mow Per Service

Mow Minutes30-40
Cleanup MinutesN/A
Dump FeeN/A
Total Cost$30-40
Going Rate$30-40

Bag Mow Per Service

Mow Minutes50
Cleanup Minutes15
Dump Fee$5.00
Total Cost$60
Going Rate$50

Where we see the biggest difference between a good and a great lawn is ones that are mowed frequently and those that don’t. You can massively benefit your lawn when you pair frequency of mowing and mulching clippings.